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Guess I'm posting here now.

I haven't posted at LJ since last year and haven't really been inclined to. There's not real reason for that, I just don't have anything interesting to say anymore. I finally succumbed to the Tumblr exodus, I guess.

I liked the idea of LJ always being there if I wanted to come back, or I had something personal to say to friends I really trusted, but I'm not inclined to agree to what appears to be a very loaded terms and conditions for that possibility.

I know some people are thinking of moving here and that'd be cool. So if you move and change your name and you still wanna be friends, it's still Amanda. Same username, same girl, different place. :)
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my thread

I could use this right now. I couldn't get to sleep until four in the morning because I kept obsessing about next semester. I even got up at, like, three thirty to check the requirements for a (similar) major I'm thinking of changing to. /o\ I hate this. Why can't I just be a grown up? I really should have this all figured out by now.
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So that whole reliving a piece of my childhood thing? It's going pretty well. So well in fact, that I made this moodtheme. ;)

I hope you guys like it; I'm pretty proud of the way that it turned out.

Sailor Moon Classic and R Moodtheme
download here @ [ profile] inthe_sunshine
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I don't know what to say about this mix. Really. Like the fic I'm writing, it sort of started bouncing up and down and demanding my attention. So, if you're put off by the pairing, I really don't blame you; I kind of am too. But I do what the muse tells me. ;)

Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

"I lied."