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I could use this right now. I couldn't get to sleep until four in the morning because I kept obsessing about next semester. I even got up at, like, three thirty to check the requirements for a (similar) major I'm thinking of changing to. /o\ I hate this. Why can't I just be a grown up? I really should have this all figured out by now.
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For me, it isn't Christmas until I have seen this movie. It is my favorite holiday movie, and quite possibly my favorite movie ever, because no matter when I watch it, I'm always left with the same insanely happy feeling; a feeling I have never got from any other movie. So, I decided to picspam my beloved While You Were Sleeping to get in the holiday spirit.

I hope you guys like it. :)
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Happy New Year flist! ♥ 2008...had it's ups and downs, both personally for me and in the grand scheme of things. But I put together a picspam at my icon journal of just the good things, my favorite things in 2008. Sort of an end of the year round up. :)

For those of you for whom it is already 2009, Happy New Year! For everyone else...Happy New Year later tonight! If you're going out, please be safe. *loves*